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I’ve just made a new blog post on my website about planning, pitching and beginning to write new operas, which you may be interested in. I also mention the way in which you, my patrons here on Music Patron, are helping me to put these things into action!

You can find the whole post here:–-a-composer’s-perspective?fbclid=IwAR3MZ5wsS6nkLy4fOcBtwTUsaUHfFFdB1T9WYqD-g-WOgntsz3jpRiIktZA

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  1. Thank you for pointing to this blog post on here… and for spelling out how the support of patrons fits into the overall journey. This is exciting for me to hear as this was part of the thesis behind music patron in the first place… that funding that is not tied to a particular project or output would make a difference to the artistic process – perhaps even at some of the most formative stages of some of the more ambitious projects. So it’s lovely to hear this illustration and articulation of the way in which our support can make a difference. Now we need to bring more patrons on-board so that the funding can make a bigger difference and for more composers 🙂

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