How to support Music Patron

Ways to secure the future of music

Not sure how you’d like to support? No problem.

There are many ways you can help Music Patron and our composers, without having to pick just one.

Choose the one most suited to you.


a composer

Support A Composer directly with a monthly donation. 100% goes directly to the composer, helping them to build a sustainable career, so the world can carry on enjoying new music. Through exclusive updates and 1:1 messages, you'll get a unique insight into their world.


Music Patron (monthly)

Amplify Music Patron with a monthly donation that goes towards our work with composers. You'll receive curated content about all the composers, and news about how your donations are being invested to recruit, support and train new composers.


Music Patron (one-off)

Support Music Patron with a one-off donation to help us offer training and development to composers. You will receive a few short updates about how your support is being used. We appreciate any investment in the future of the UK music industry.

Where your support goes

a composer

If you choose to support a composer directly, 100% goes to the composer.

Any Gift Aid goes to Music Patron, and you can choose, if you wish, to give an extra 10% to Music Patron.

Support Music Patron

If you choose to support or amplify Music Patron, your money still goes to the composers.

“£15 on its own might not mean much, but the way Music Patron collectivises support really makes a difference. With this collective effort we can promote culture in a way that enhances the health of society.”

Prabha Sivaraman, Patron
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