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Music Patron is initially working with 9 composers representing a diverse range of backgrounds, music styles, and career stages.


The word ‘composer’ can conjure up a certain image or type of music, but we want to challenge this.

A composer is anyone who creates new work using sound or music; whether they perform it themselves or write for others, and whether they work with software, with notes on paper, through improvisation, or in other ways.

We want to connect you to some of today’s most exciting composers and showcase the richness and diversity of new music created in the UK.


We are initially working with 9 composers as we test and develop the site. Read how these composers were chosen here.

Our aim is to gradually expand the number of composers on Music Patron by an open call and selection process. Ultimately, we hope to connect hundreds of composers with thousands of patrons.

Our composers

Stuart MacRae

Stuart is a composer whose work explores themes of humanity in/as nature, the use of language through the singing voice, and mythology.

His music brings emotion to the fore, and spans a wide variety of genres, including opera, instrumental, vocal and electroacoustic music.

Supriya Nagarajan

Supriya is a vocalist/composer, who creates cross-cultural, cross-genre, concept-driven, immersive music. 

She is a classically-trained Carnatic singer who is inspired not only by the traditions of her South Asian roots, but also by a drive to work with new ideas, forms and aesthetics from across the world.

Yshani Perinpanayagam

Yshani Perinpanayagam on a red background

Yshani is a pianist, composer and music director from London, specialising in not specialising.

Her sound is currently an ever-evolving mash-up of her varied musical tastes and personal worlds; this currently includes elements of contemporary classical music, dirty grooves, Sri Lankan parents, game and play, melancholy, and activism.

Gareth Cutter

Gareth is a multidisciplinary artist working across music, writing and performance.

“My work is casual, sensuous, and erotic. It queers systems from the inside. I usually use voice, keyboard, guitar and other string instruments and arrange in Ableton, but I’ll experiment with anything I can get my hands on.”

Elliot Galvin

Elliot Galvin on a pink background

Elliot’s work spans several mediums, working in the worlds of jazz/improvised, music, contemporary classical, sound, installation, and alternative music.

He is interested in the intersectionality of disciplines and the role of improvisation and the chance to bring worlds together.

Laura Bowler

Laura Bowler on a red background

Laura is a composer/vocalist. She predominantly works in experimental music-theatre, exploring socio-political content with the desire to provoke dialogue, action and change.

“My pieces are never just a piece of music.”

Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden on a green background

Mark is a composer of chamber, orchestral, and vocal music, and regularly collaborates with writers, artists, and dancers.

His music often comes with bundles of extra-musical connections, embracing far-reaching literary and philosophical ideas, but its impact is a physical one.

Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Ayanna is a multitalented, singer/songwriter, cellist, pianist, and composer. Her music represents, celebrates, and pays homage to her ancestral heritage, culture and identity. 

She has a phenomenal mastery for seamlessly crossing the boundaries of classical, jazz, reggae, soul and R&B, to imprint her unique musical signature.

Marc Yeats

Marc Yeats on a purple background

Marc is a composer, landscape painter and artistic practice researcher.

His work explores temporality, perceptual obfuscation, serendipity, play, geology, layering, erosion, landscape and place-specific resonance. Understanding, researching and developing the relationship between all these approaches and structures remains his life-long challenge and passion.

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