Stick in the Wheel

Stick In The Wheel’s work is rooted in traditional music and song, informed by the modern electronic music that grew out of their hybrid East London heritage.

” If you’re from London, you’re from everywhere. It’s multi-layered through time and space, like most cities; and it’s a constant inspiration, challenge, companion and presence.”

This radical East London duo are known for their intense live shows exploring the raw holler of folk, electronica, spoken word and intricate rustic dobro guitar.

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Patrons are invited to join composer-performer duo Stick in the Wheel’s creative journey as they research, experiment and create new music. Working extensively within the folk tradition, Stick in the Wheel explore the question of “what it means to be making traditional music now”, fusing historical texts, archives and field recordings with modern practices such as algorithmic composition and digital audio manipulation.

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Stick in the Wheel – composer-performer duo Nicola Kearey and Ian Carter – make full-force reworkings of centuries-old work-songs, speaking to contemporary issues of class, using multi-layered sonic palettes to deeply reflect hidden histories, told with a razor-sharp authenticity.

Stick In The Wheel have created their own London vernacular, a contemporary roots music that celebrates the collective stories and traditions of the city – as part of a continuum of vibrant cultures, conjuring the past to point toward the future. Recent collaborations with Zeroh reflect a more site-specific approach, using generative sound, field recordings and visuals, to create public art installations and performances that resonate through time and space.

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