What’s it like to be a patron?

18 May 2023

Historically patrons and patronage formed an important part of a composer’s income and sustainability.

Music Patron reimagines this idea for the 21st century. 

So, what's it all about?

By inviting many music lovers to become a patron from just £10 per month, we can create a huge difference to the landscape for composers.

Giving, receiving & enabling

As a patron, you directly support a composer with a monthly donation (small or large – it’s up to you). This provides the composer with sustainable income, which brings them more artistic freedom and more time to spend creating new work.

In return, you become part of the game-changing Music Patron community, receive unique opportunities to connect with composers, access exclusive content and experience first-hand the difference your support makes.

Building meaningful relationships

Our vision for Music Patron is to create meaningful relationships between composers and patrons. But just as in real life, a ‘meaningful relationship’ means different things to different people.

Some patrons like to engage with all their composer’s content, like, comment and message their composers. Other patrons prefer to dip in and out. Some are happy simply to support. All are welcome and all are appreciated.  

Blog post: a patron’s perspective

Check out one of our favourite examples of a patron having a unique moment of connection with their composer.

“As I listened to Stuart’s voice narrating these four minutes of flute music, more memories came flashing back.”

Ensuring composers can compose

Some composers post frequently and invite conversation with their patrons. While others prefer to keep their updates for certain key times. And of course, there’s real life to consider: some times of year may be very busy for a composer, while other times may be quieter.

Music Patron is ultimately about allowing composers to do what they do best – create music – so it’s important that Music Patron works in such a way to support each composer to do this, and not take too much time away from this primary endeavour.

Securing the future of new music

Our aim is for Music Patron to connect thousands of patrons to some of today’s most exciting composers, and channel significant donations to hundreds of music writers across the UK.

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