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Music Patron is an ambitious new online platform connecting composers with patrons.

Up until as recently as the early 20th century, patrons and patronage formed an important part of a composer’s income and sustainability.

Music Patron reimagines this idea for the 21st century, with a community of patrons supporting individual composers directly with a regular monthly donation.

Historically, being a patron of music was just for the privileged and the wealthy. Music Patron is for everyone.

Music Patron makes supporting new music possible by rethinking what patronage looks like for music enthusiasts today.

Music Patron is a brand new concept – we are looking for people to join us as founding patrons at the very beginning of our journey.

We are looking for 100 founding patrons to join Music Patron. 

Our founding patrons will have the unique opportunity to connect and engage with the first cohort of composers, and give the Music Patron team valuable feedback on the platform and directly impact the future of Music Patron. 

We will be in touch with you at regular intervals to ask about your experience of Music Patron, what we can do to improve it, and make Music Patron work for even more composers and patrons in the future. 

Financial factors (insufficient streaming fees, the pandemic, and diminishing public funds to name but a few… ) have led to less music being produced and fewer opportunities for composers to take risks, to experiment and innovate. Composers at all stages of their career face this challenge. 

Music Patron is one solution to this problem. Bringing new, unrestricted funding directly to composers will help to ensure that the UK is at the forefront of new music for the future.

Patrons support composers directly with a small monthly donation, giving them a more sustainable income. This gives composers more freedom which in turn will empower them to spend more of their time creating new work

Patrons become part of the game-changing Music Patron community receiving unique opportunities to connect with composers, access to exclusive content and experiencing first-hand the difference their support makes.

Our aim is for Music Patron to connect thousands of patrons to some of today’s most exciting composers, and channel significant donations to hundreds of music writers across the UK. 

100% of every Music Patron donation goes to the composer.

Some existing platforms allow artists and creators to accept donations or to generate revenue in exchange for access to content.

Music Patron is different.

Our focus is uniquely on composers, with a curated cohort showcasing the richness and diversity of composers creating new music in the UK.

Our ambition is to transform the prevailing funding climate for new music. By giving individual composers the financial freedom to create, Music Patron can play a meaningful role in assuring an inclusive, diverse and representative new music industry. 

Our vision is a unique connection between composer and patron. Music Patron is an invitation into a composer’s world, unlocking memorable creative insight and giving everyone the opportunity to play a part in the creation of new music.  

100% of your chosen monthly donation will go directly to your composer.

Music Patron’s running costs are funded through Gift Aid donations, as well as optional supplementary donations alongside supporting a composer.

Music Patron is incubated within Sound and Music (registered charity 1124609). 

We are currently not accepting application for new composers on Music Patron. We will continue to fine tune the site with our existing cohort until we feel ready to expand with another round of composer applications. Please register your interest as a composer if you’d like to be notified of when we’ll be accepting applications for the next cohort.

Music Patron is a start-up project incubated within Sound and Music, the UK’s national organisation for new music, and a charity (registered charity no. 1124609).

Our shared mission is to maximise opportunities for people to create and enjoy new music.

About Music Patron

Music Patron is the brainchild of composer, financier and philanthropist Anthony Bolton

Much of the great music of the past was sponsored by patronage; normally it was a few very rich patrons who used to sponsor composers giving them an income and allowing them to get on and compose. Music Patron facilitates the collection of smaller amounts from a much larger number of people which, together, can add up to a meaningful income for a composer. Additionally, Music Patron creates direct relationships between patrons and composers in a way that hasn't been possible to date. With a direct relationship, the patron will experience the rewards of being much more involved in the creative process.

Meet the team


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Digital Engagement Manager

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Composer Liaison Manager

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