Stuart MacRae

"A great deal of my music deals with subjects to do with the natural world and humans' relationship to it."
Stuart MacRae is an award-winning Scottish composer. His work explores themes of humanity in/as nature, the use of language through the singing voice, and mythology. His music brings emotion to the fore, and spans a wide variety of genres, including opera, instrumental, vocal and electroacoustic music. What does being Stuart's patron look like?
"I've really enjoyed engaging with my patrons over the last year and a half, sometimes entering into some fascinating discussions about the ideas that go into my work"
Patrons supporting Stuart will receive fairly regular updates about his recent and future work, videos sharing a behind-the-scenes look into his process, as well as sneak previews, exclusive access to new works and works-in-progress. Supporting a composer on Music Patron gives you a first-hand perspective on the many elements within the creative process and an understanding of an authentic journey of a composer. You can find out more about what it's like to be a patron here  Biography Born in Inverness in 1976, Stuart MacRae has established himself as one of the most distinctive of contemporary composers, writing music of elemental power and emotional subtlety. His works include a Violin Concerto (2001), Hamartia for cello and ensemble (2004), and Gaudete for soprano and orchestra (2008), all of which have been performed at the BBC Proms. Works for the stage include the dance-opera Echo and Narcissus (2007) and the opera Ghost Patrol (2012), a collaboration with writer Louise Welsh for Scottish Opera and Music Theatre Wales, which won the 2013 South Bank Sky Arts Award for Opera and was shortlisted for an Olivier Award. Listen Ursa Minor | Delphian Records

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