Interview with Marc – Part 1

Get to know the composer behind the music


“I don’t see or think about these things as being different…from a sensory point of view, it’s as if stuff comes in and goes out into both music and painting immediately, there is no distinction between them.”

What’s it like to translate what you hear into visual art, and what you see into sound?

In this series of interviews with Marc we uncover what makes his dual career as a composer and an abstract landscape painter so unique. It’s not uncommon for composers to have other creative outlets, but we unpick what it’s like to balance parallel careers in the creative industries, and delve into how being in the landscape generates and amplifies Marc’s creativeness.

Interview with Head of Music Patron, Sonia Stevenson.

What makes you unique


What’s it like to be a painter and a composer?


How does painting influence your music?


What makes landscapes so important to you?


Are there specific landscapes that appeal you?


How does walking influence your music?


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