Marc Yeats

Marc is a composer, landscape painter and artist-researcher. His practice transforms compositions into paintings and his paintings into compositions, with each art form influencing developments and approaches in the other. What does being Marc's patron look like? Marc gives patrons a close-up of his unique dual creative worlds by sharing personal video diaries and digital postcards, often using rural and coastal Dorset and Somerset as his backdrop. All of Marc’s work interprets his experiences of walking and landscape exploration. Through Marc’s stories, patrons will get a unique insight into how these transformations and relationships form the foundation of his compositional practice. Supporting a composer on Music Patron gives you a first-hand perspective on the many elements within the creative process, and an understanding of an authentic journey of a composer. You can find out more about what it’s like to be a patron here. Biography Marc is one of the UK’s leading contemporary composers with his works having been performed by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Hallé Orchestra, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and stations across Europe, Asia and Australasia. Described by Peter Maxwell Davies as “breathtakingly original”, and Professor Stephen Davismoon as “one of the most prolific and influential composers and creative artists of his generation in the UK”, Marc’s music explores transduction, complex sonic, perceptual, asynchronous and polytemporal relationships, sonic flux, contextual, harmonic and temporal ambiguities, polarised intensities and a visceral joy of sound. Explore Read Marc's recent Composer in the Spotlight profile Listen 'the unimportance of events' (2020)

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