In Memoriam: Gordon Crosse 1937-2021 A private view

Hello Patrons,

I’m trying something a little new in this update. I’m releasing a patron-only preview, a little like a private view at a painting exhibition, a few weeks before I make the video available to the general public via YouTube and my social media channels.

This piece of music exists only in its video format so the visual images and sounds go together to make a complete artwork.

It was created in memory of my dear friend, colleague and composer, Gordon Crosse, who died in November 2021 at his home in Suffolk. His presence in my life is sorely missed. The video comprises footage of the sea filmed at Covehithe on the Suffolk coast, a favourite haunt of mine and a special place Gordon would visit, often with his family, in former years. This area of coastline and east Suffolk holds a special place in my affections with several string quartets and numerous paintings being produced either on location or subsequent to visits there. The music is created from various acoustic samples and sound-producing synthetic devices.

Music and video © Marc Yeats | August 2022

I hope you enjoy this slow-moving multimedia piece.

As of 08.10.2022, this post has been set to public.


Very best wishes, Marc.

6 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Gordon Crosse 1937-2021 A private view”

    1. Thanks so much, David. I’d been thinking about how to do this for some time and decided that very slow-mo shots of the sea superimposed in this way would work well with the ‘out of focus’ music as it slowly moved through its material. I think Gordon would have liked it and hope it is a suitable gesture for a man that was very dear to me.

    1. Thanks so much, Chrissie. It’s a difficult task creating a piece of music to capture such a multifaceted aspect as another’s character, particularly when for me, it is so much tied up with a sense of time and place. I wanted to create a piece of work with a visual and aurally ambience that reminded me of the east Suffolk coast. If anything of that is communicated in the piece, I’m happy.

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