Draw what you hear…

Get to know the composer behind the music


As a composer and a painter, Marc Yeats’ unique creative world encompasses music and art. In these videos Marc demonstrates  a creative mark-making technique, to show how he moves between drawing, painting and composition.

Watch music and art interact…

Marc demonstrates Drawing to Scoring – a ‘mark-making to music’ exercise, embodying what he hears, and responding to the sound.


…then try it yourself!

Marc guides Sonia Stevenson, Head of Music Patron through the technique (drawing along to Carl Neilson’s Symphony No. 2).

Why not have a go yourself? All you need is paper, a pen and some music. This could be a piece of music you like, or better still something completely new to you.


Filmed in spring 2023 at Marc’s Dorset studio, as part of our Composer in the Spotlight series,

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