Audio Video Commentary to Look Mum, No Hands! πŸŽ₯🎡

This ten minute video walks you through some of the writing and composition of Scenes 4 and 5 from Look Mum, No Hands! , a score I was commissioned to write for a touring production earlier this year. Plus, there’s a little Easter Egg at the end! πŸ₯š

2 thoughts on “Audio Video Commentary to Look Mum, No Hands! πŸŽ₯🎡”

  1. David Lasserson

    Hey Gareth, Sorry to be so slow getting to your content. Really enjoyed hearing this. Found I didn’t need the video though, so had it on in the background while working on something else. BUT then I saw the toucan (after wondering what you were talking about) as I was signing off, which made my day! Any more video on how you gather sounds would be a cool addition – at the top and then we could listen out for how they’re used? I enjoyed imagining the show through the build of the music and your descriptions, though I did sometimes wish I could see the action, and stil have your voiceover. Is there a high quality video you could talk over? I’m a chord geek so like hearing about the harmony changes, and nice to hear about your inspirations (Radiohead), the more detailed the better because I’d be likely to find the reference and expand my listening vocab – I’d be keen to hear track names, specific moments, particular things to listen for…

    1. Gareth Cutter

      Thank you so much for this enthusiastic and thoughtful feedback David – so many great ideas here!

      I’m coming back to England in just over a week and am looking forward to sharing some of the sounds I’ve heard whilst I’ve been away.

      If there’s anything you’ve been listening to lately you’ve particularly enjoyed, let me know! Always open to new inspirations.

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