Gareth Cutter

“The work is casual, sensuous, and erotic. It queers systems from the inside. It’s kind of like taking poppers: vaporous and heady, disorientating but pleasurable."
Gareth Cutter is a multi-disciplinary artist working across music, writing and performance.
"I usually use voice, keyboard, guitar and other string instruments and arrange in Ableton, but I’ll experiment with anything I can get my hands on.”
What does being Gareth's patron look like? Gareth connects with his patrons every few months, mixing music with thoughtful deep dives into his creative process and inspirations. Supporting a composer on Music Patron gives you a first-hand perspective on the many elements within the creative process and an understanding of an authentic journey of a composer. You can find out more about what it’s like to be a patron here  Biography As well as making solo work, Gareth collaborates with other artists, composing scores and sound design. He is one half of sound art duo CUTTER // NASH with Gemma Nash. People and organisations who have supported Gareth over the years include Arts Council England, British Council, Drake Music, hÅb, HOME, METAL, Mother’s Ruin, Unlimited, SPILL Festival. Listen In Agreement With – Extract

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