A Teaser for You Music Patrons πŸŽ₯

Getting closer to how and why I make music, and influencing what I go on to make, is central to being a Music Patron.

What does this actually look like? Well, I’d like to decide that with you through regular interaction and conversations. The kinds of things I can produce are:

  • Audio and video commentaries of my work.
  • Video demonstrations of my creative process.
  • Interactive workshops where we might work with sounds, writing and instruments that mean something to you.
  • Special invites to performances.
  • Creative tasks and prompts we can both respond to.
  • Behind the scenes materials like reading lists, playlists, etc.
  • Postcards and mementoes from my research and travels.
  • Things not yet imagined.

Here’s a flavour of something I’ve made for my Music Patrons. To watch the whole thing, sign up!

Is there something you’d love to see on this list? Let me know!

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