Supriya , BBC Radio 3 slow radio & Longplayer -the Millenial loop

My spiritual interlude with the wonderful Longplayer installtion created by Jenn Finner at Trinity Buoy London , music that will play for a 1000 years ….

Listen now on BBC Radio 3

31st March 2024 BBC Radio 3 at 11.30 the last episode of Slow Radio played out my dream gig. A long time ago… I walked past Trinity Buoy and came across Longplayer . It was utterly brilliant and the connection was immediate. Many moons later last November the best music moments of my life came about when I sang in tandem with the Longplayer. The highlight for me was singing in the presence of creator Jem Finer. Sometimes the universe makes things happen.

For anyone who does not know the Longplayer, it is an installation playing the music of singing bowls for a thousand years …. Check it out.

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