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Hi again!

Two updates within two hours! Given that I had come to the conclusion in my earlier post that my soul might benefit from me writing a little something for myself, I thought I’d just get on and do it. I opened the text file from the chat of my Music Patron improv piano Zoom a few weeks ago and looked at some of the suggestions I didn’t get round to…

“Tinny on the Train”

Posted by Matthew Harvey, one of the Music Patron team, this is in reference to the gin & tonic tinny I have been treating myself to on the train on the way home from these tricky days I was telling you about earlier. I decided to write a little piece inspired by this, entirely initiated by Music Patron and you all, always reminding me that composing is a part of my life that deserves to be more consistently taken seriously. Despite it being rather a silly little piece, the act of writing it this evening has really re-centred me: thank you.

Not a bad use of 90 minutes, I’d say.

[This electronic recording can’t do words but it’s literally just “tinny on the train” sung by three singers in harmony with some hiccupping at the end.]

Tinny on the Train – Full Score

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