Interview with Stuart – Part 2

Get to know the composer behind the music

“What excites me is hearing something new… the most important thing for any creative person is to stay awake and alive to what’s going on. You might not like most of it but something is going to grab your attention”

In these interviews, Stuart reflects on the power of telling a story through music and why when it comes to his own music listening he cast the net as wide as possible. Stuart also explains the significant role improvisation plays in his composition process and – a Music Patron exclusive – we film him composing ‘in the moment’ with a piano improvisation.

Interview with Sonia Stevenson, Head of Music Patron.

Is there a piece of music that gets you up in the morning?


On storytelling through music


How does improvisation influence your composition?



We captured Stuart composing ‘in the moment’ with a piano improvisation he later decided to title Droplets.

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