Alert – New single release ALAI (wave in Tamil)


Alai means wave in Tamil.

Sometimes life throws delights your way! Several years ago Harriet Wybor asked me to speak at a composer symposium PRS for Music alongside some wonderful composers, one of who was @donnaMcevitt. We sat next to each other , got talking and found a connection instantly. We stayed in touch after and as with music makers we decide to make some lock down music in 2020. London to Yorkshire followed back and forth and ALAI was born.
Today the single releases on all platforms. Donna makes electronic music for films and TV, I sing South Indian music on various stages and guises. Who would have thought!
For me this is an example of mind and will over everything else. This is a single made out of friendship, affection and collaboration.
Please tune in and have a listen everyone and thanks Harriet for bringing us together.

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