Marcus Joseph

Without a doubt, my most cherished possession is my saxophone. It’s not just an instrument but an extension of my soul, allowing me to articulate emotions and stories through the language of music.

Marcus Joseph, a gifted Alto Saxophonist and poetic wordsmith, aspires to be an instrument of change through his transformative artistry. Hailing from Leicester, Marcus is more than a musician; he’s a cultural luminary deeply rooted in his Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Drawing from his debut album, “Beyond the Dome,” tracks like Arrival of the Giants and Challenge Day are a sonic journey, offering infectious grooves and positive hip-hop vibes. Marcus’s interactive approach, evident in tracks like Feel It In My Bones and Morning Affirmation, turns each performance into a communal celebration of music and unity.

What does being one of Marcus’s patron look like?

“Let’s embark on a musical journey like no other” says Marcus as he invites his patrons to experience all aspects of his creative process through his music, to spoken word pieces, and collaborations. Patrons will be invited to share their thoughts and feedback along the way.

Music Patron embodies the freedom to express and share my art on a platform where genuine enthusiasts and supporters come together to appreciate and invest in my creative journey.

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Known for his dynamic presence, Marcus actively contributes to his local community and has even graced the stage for George Cole, Leicester’s first black mayor. His performances are not just a display of musical prowess; they are a celebration of cultural diversity and a testament to the power of unity.

A seasoned live performer, Marcus has traversed diverse genres, from being a vital part of the hip-hop/rock/punk-influenced jazz quartet Major Ruse to supporting acclaimed artists like Alfredo Rodriguez, Blue Lab Beats, and The Blackbyrds. His collaborative spirit has led him to share the stage with luminaries such as Dennis Rollins, Tony Kofi, Arun Ghosh, Dave O’Higgins, Abram Wilson, Gary Crosby, and Eska. Marcus’s ability to seamlessly blend various influences showcases his versatility and commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

The acclaim for Marcus Joseph extends beyond local recognition, as evidenced by his stellar performance at the Jazz Re:Freshed Outernational showcase 2023. Opening the annual event with charisma and musical brilliance, Marcus left an indelible mark on the audience. His roots in hard bop and accessible riffs make his music not only captivating but also a bridge between jazz tradition and the vibrant rhythms of Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, and Afrobeat genres prevalent in London.

“When it comes to making jazz accessible without compromising its values, Joseph’s set at Sellers Underground was a master class.” – MICHAEL TOLAND

Listen Arrival Of The Giants | Wonky Logic Remix | Marcus Joseph

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