Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson is a composer and violinist from the West Highlands of Scotland, particularly interested in combining sounds from nature and traditional music, examining relationships between people and the land, and highlighting environmental concerns. Lisa is passionate about Gaelic culture, especially that local to her home area, and speaks Gaelic.

“The biggest influence on my music, and therefore my career, has been my home area, Morvern, in the West Highlands. I draw nearly all of my inspiration from the place, including from the environment, the local Gàidhlig culture and music, the history, the community and from my own experiences of the place.”

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Lisa’s music has been performed by the RSNO, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, The Sixteen, EXAUDI, defunensemble, Red Note Ensemble, Psappha Ensemble, Hebrides Ensemble, among others, and at festivals including Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Musica Nova Helsinki, Cheltenham Music Festival, and on BBC Radio 3 and BBC World Service. Lisa gained a PhD from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and was shortlisted four times for the Scottish Awards for New Music and featured in BBC Music Magazine’s ‘Rising Stars’ column.

Listen Machair | Workshop performance by Ligeti Quartet | Lisa Robertson

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🔒 Deglaciation – a reflection

A reflection on recording one of my pieces, Deglaciation 

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