Helgi R. Ingvarsson

“Music Patron matters because it breaks down the barriers between the composer and the listener; Music Patron supports the creation of a two way creative community, challenging the norm of the one way street of construction and consumption.”

Brighton-based composer Helgi R. Ingvarsson has, amongst other works, written 7 operas to date. His music is regularly premiered and performed in the Nordic countries and the UK.

Opera Magazine described Ingvarsson’s opera Music and the Brain as being “immediately engaging“ (2022), and his music for strings was described by Icelandic critic Jónas Sen to have “a strong personal style” which “echoes the past” (2016) and critic Silja Adalsteinsdottir said Ingvarsson’s music is “full of emotion and mesmerising” (2022).

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“You don’t get inspiration always just from sitting alone at your desk. Communicating with my patrons would be a part of my search for inspiration.”

Supporting a composer on Music Patron gives you a first-hand perspective on the many elements within the creative process, and an understanding of an authentic journey of a composer. You can find out more about what it’s like to be a patron here.


Other notable works include numerous vocal works, works for solo flute and piano premiered by Helen Whitaker and Katherine Tinker (2023), the playful Random notes I found in the street (2021) commissioned by Personal Clutter (UK), his instrumental quintet ELEKTRA (2019) commissioned by Elektra Ensemble (ICE), the art song Vetrarþoka / Winter Fog (2016) commissioned by soprano Rannveig Káradóttir (GER), and Loftkastali / Castle in Air (2013) for solo cello which has been performed by fantastic cellists like Guthny Jonasdottir of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra (ICE), Clare O’Connell of the Chroma Ensemble (UK), and Martin Johnson section leader at RTE National Symphony Orchestra (IRE).

Helgi holds a doctorate degree in music composition (DMus) from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama London (2018).

Listen I only write alto flute parts when I miss you | Helgi R. Ingvarsson

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