Anna Anise

Anna Anise brings a warm summer breeze of uplifting folk songs, folded into traditional jigs and reels from which she finds inspiration for her storytelling songwriting.

Anna is a performing singer/songwriter with an infectious energy onstage and an ability to bring a whole room together with her relatable, heartfelt songcraft. Find her touring the country in her campervan with a host of collaborators, or settling down in Cornwall to explore the histories of her home county from which she finds the inspiration for her new body of work.

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Anna’s patrons will join her as she researches and explores the Cornish traditional music which inspires her composition, and shares insights into her creative world as a folk artist and musician.

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Anna fell in love with folk music growing up in Cornwall and Devon, where she picked up a guitar aged 11 and never looked back. Having been making up songs in the playground since before she could remember, this was the accompaniment she had been waiting for to complete all those melodies in her head.

After honing her craft as part of the singer/songwriter circuits of the South West, and then studying music in Bristol, Anna has securely made her mark in the grassroots folk scene in the South West. She’s regularly collaborating with other emerging artists, working on a variety of recording, releasing and recording projects.

Her upcoming EP release (Summer 2024) will showcase her passion for trad-folk music, as she folds her own effervescent narratives and full bodied guitar tunings around traditional Irish tunes. It is this format that she is using to contribute to the revival of Cornish traditional music, and is the work her patrons will be supporting by coming along for the journey.

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