Change your day in one minute.

In a world which is becoming increasingly visually loud, taking one minute out of your day to really listen can lead you somewhere fascinating.

Close your eyes. 

Ursa Minor by Stuart MacRae. 2022 Delphian Records

What can you hear? 
How does it make you feel? 
Are you reminded of anything? 

About the composer

Born in Inverness, Stuart MacRae has established himself as one of the most distinctive composers working today, writing music of elemental power and emotional subtlety. Equally at home writing opera, orchestral music, chamber music and music for choirs, Stuart’s work explores themes of humanity in/as nature, the use of language through the singing voice, and mythology. 

Read how one of Stuart’s patrons was so that he was: 
“transported in time and place… I could feel tears of connection and sadness and joy and love gathering in the corner of my eyes” 
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