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7 April 2022

Music Patron is a brand new concept. Nobody has done anything quite like this before.  

We could have spent months/years behind the scenes crafting a beautiful website. But it’s likely that as soon as we launched and had real users, we’d learn things that would fundamentally change the site. 

Instead, we’ve decided to adopt a lean approach. This means we start small, we learn from real users (patrons & composers) and we iterate based on that learning. By working in this way, we hone the real value of Music Patron – the unique connection between composers and patrons – identify what’s enhancing that, and what the barriers might be.  

So the Music Patron you see today is not the finished product. It’s part of an exciting and ground-breaking journey as we discover how to bring our vision to life.  

The learning we get from you means everything to us. 

We’d love you to join us on this journey! 

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