Composer in the Spotlight: Supriya Nagarajan

22 March 2023

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“All my senses come together when I compose…little things come together to make my piece of music happen” 



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Ever wondered what music tastes like?

This month, we’re putting Supriya Nagarajan in the spotlight. Supriya is a composer with a rare gift: Synaesthesia. This crossover of the senses allows Supriya to process things like colour, taste and sound differently. We’ve been spending time with Supriya this month exploring how her synaesthesia affects her composition and creating some original content for you to watch.

We hope you enjoy this deep dive into the creative world of Supriya Nagarajan!

I Can Taste Music

As a synaesthe, Supriya brings all of her senses together when composing music. In this video, Supriya talks about the role food & cooking plays in her music while preparing an authentic Mumbai dish: Pav Bhaji. We’ve included a link to the recipe as well as some music that fits the ‘taste’ of the dish, according to Supriya, so you can try it for yourself.

Tea With Marc & Ayanna

In this video, Supriya sits down with fellow Music Patron composers Marc Yeats and Ayanna Witter-Johnson to further explore synaesthesia, tea and composition rituals.

On The Banks of the Jamuna

As you can see, Supriya’s synaesthesia plays a huge part in her musical process. We thought you might like to hear how all of this comes together in her music. Sit back, relax and listen to On The Banks of the Jamuna from Supriya’s latest album.


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