What is Music Patron?

Music Patron is the ambitious new online platform connecting composers with patrons.

So much of the great music of the past was sponsored by patronage. Usually, wealthy patrons sponsored composers by ensuring them an income and allowing them to devote themselves to composition.

Music Patron reimagines this idea for the 21st century and makes it accessible to any music lover. With a regular monthly donation, anyone can join the community of music patrons and directly support composers across the UK.

Patrons become active participants in the music-making process: they receive exclusive updates and access a unique window into the composer’s world.

Why Music Patron exists?

The music industry is experiencing one of its most difficult times. Low streaming fees, public funding cuts, and the pandemic have dealt a blow to the creation of new music.

Composers have fewer opportunities to take risks and innovate, their creative freedom suffers, and the type of person able sustain a composing career becomes narrow.

A trusting relationship with transparent funding

There are no hidden costs: 100% of donations go directly to the composers. You can cancel or switch your support at any time.
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