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Yshani Perinpanayagam

Yshani is a pianist, composer and music director from London, specialising in not specialising.

As a relatively new composer, her sound is currently an ever-evolving mash-up of her varied musical tastes and personal worlds; this currently includes elements of contemporary classical music, dirty grooves, Sri Lankan parents, game and play, melancholy, and activism.

Patrons supporting Yshani will be invited to join her journey as she continues to find her feet as a composer as she shares drafts of new works, personal revelations about her process, improvised experimentations on rough-and-ready material etc., as well as further insight into her performing career.

Below: See How They Run – Workshop performance by Ligeti Quartet



Supriya Nagarajan

Supriya Nagarajan is a UK based vocalist/composer who creates cross- cultural/genre, concept driven immersive music work. 

She has toured the globe and created work for international festivals like the hcmf//, Ultima Oslo and Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Within the UK Supriya has composed and performed for national venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Southbank Centre and Sage Gateshead.

Patrons will get background and insight into Supriya’s wide-ranging current projects and be invited to contribute their perspective on her work.

Below: On the Banks of the Jamuna


Stuart MacRae


Stuart is a composer whose work explores themes of humanity in/as nature, the use of language through the singing voice, and mythology. 

His music brings emotion to the fore, and spans a wide variety of genres, including opera, instrumental, vocal and electroacoustic music.

Patrons supporting Stuart will get a first-hand perspective on the many elements within his creative process and understand an authentic journey of a composer. They will discover the motivations, inspirations and background influences (musically and beyond) behind Stuart’s work through distinctive digital content such as behind-the-scenes material and works-in-progress, teaser tracks, playlists and personal blogs.

Below: Ursa Minor | Delphian Records


Elliot Galvin

Elliot Galvin is a composer and improvisor based in London. His work spans several mediums, working in the worlds of jazz/improvised music, contemporary classical, sound installation and alternative music.

He is interested in the intersectionality of disciplines and the role of improvisation and the chance to bring worlds together.

Patrons will have unique access to Elliot’s creative process, and background insight into different projects and collaborations.

Below: Ishtar for 11-piece ensemble


Laura Bowler

Laura Bowler is a composer/vocalist based in the UK. 

She predominantly works in experimental music-theatre exploring socio-political content with a desire to provoke dialogue, action and change.

Patrons connecting with Laura will be invited to join in with discussion and shared experiences, and get background and insight on her current projects.

Below: Wicked Problems (chamber work for Bass Flute and Vocalist) | Text by Timothy Morton, Vocalist – Laura Bowler, Flute – Ruth Morley


Gareth Cutter

Gareth Cutter is a multi-disciplinary artist working across music, writing and performance.

“The work is casual, sensuous, and erotic. It queers systems from the inside. It’s kind of like taking poppers: vaporous and heady, disorientating but pleasurable. I usually use voice, keyboard, guitar and other string instruments and arrange in Ableton, but I’ll experiment with anything I can get my hands on.”

Below: In Agreement With (extract)


Marc Yeats

Marc is a composer, landscape painter and artistic practice researcher.

Together with explorations of temporality, perceptual obfuscation, serendipity, play, geology, layering, erosion, landscape and place-specific resonance, these art-forms, structures and approaches cross-fertilise and influence each other to find embodiment in his work. Understanding, researching and developing this self-referential relationship remains his life-long challenge and passion.

Patrons connecting with Marc will get a unique insight into how the relationships between painting, music and landscape shape his creative practice.

Below: the unimportance of events

Black and white portrait of composer Ayanna Witter Johnson on a yellow background. Ayanna's right arm is bent backwards, holding a double bass behind her back.


Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Ayanna Witter-Johnson is a multi-talented singer/songwriter, cellist, pianist and composer.

She has a phenomenal mastery for seamlessly crossing the boundaries of classical, jazz, reggae, soul and R&B, to imprint her unique musical signature collaborating with artists including Anoushka Shankar, Nitin Sawhney, Andrea Bocelli and Jools Holland. As a composer, Ayanna has been commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra, Güerzenich Orchester, Ligeti Quartet and Kronos Quartet.

A British born Jamaican, her music is a body of work that represents, celebrates and pays homage to her ancestral heritage, culture and identity.

Below: Mento Mood for String Quartet (live performance by the Ligeti Quartet)

Black and white portrait of composer Ayanna Witter Johnson on a yellow background. Ayanna's right arm is bent backwards, holding a double bass behind her back.

Mark Bowden

Mark is a composer of chamber, orchestral, and vocal music and regularly collaborates with writers, artists, and dancers. 

Mark is a composer of chamber, orchestral, and vocal music and regularly collaborates with writers, artists, and dancers. His music often comes with bundles of extra-musical connections, embracing far-reaching literary and philosophical ideas, but its impact is a physical one. Mark’s work is constructed in detailed and intricate layers, whilst always focussing on the drama, energy, and expressive power of the music

Over the coming months, Mark’s patrons will be given a unique insight into the creative process of bringing an opera to life.

Below: 5 Memos: II. Quickness (extract)


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