Where has REVEAL been?A mid-year update…

I recently had a few messages from my supporters asking where I’ve been, when the new music is coming, and even if any music is coming out at all.

In the past few months I’ve had the privilege of working alongside an artist who has seen some major success in a very short amount of time. With a simple but effective plan, we released a record in February that had taken off almost immediately. The journey so far has taught me many things, but most of all, it has opened my eyes to seeing how our thoughts & beliefs can truly come to life and begin to manifest in the way we always believed they could.

So I’m happy to say the ‘break’ I had from releasing my own music was due to other musical projects that had taken up my time. And yes, new music is coming.

Whilst I can’t get too specific with the artist, the records and the details, I want to share 4 major lessons that I’ve learnt along the way.


1). Taking action > over-planning – being a musician, you do need to analyse to a certain amount in the beginning to know your direction – you need to visualise what that looks like. But there comes a point where you don’t need to analyse any further. You may feel you’ll need to, but that analysis comes after taking action. When a child is studying, they might feel the need to learn everything perfectly before taking a test. However, if they take the test first, they can gain valuable insights from the experience itself. This experience helps them understand what they need to focus on for future improvement.


This was one of the earliest things I learnt that hit me the most. As musicians we hold a lot of music back thinking it isn’t perfect, then regret not releasing it later down the line when the energy fades away.

2). Believe in your vision – this might seem like a simple point, but the importance of feeling like you already ‘have it’ before you do is unmatched. I’m not saying can’t have doubts because doubt can sometimes be the fuel for success. But you must say to yourself, ‘I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I know this CAN and WILL work’.

3). Find your flow and get consistent  – with the records we released, we had a plan that was simple & repeatable and we stuck to it. This plan allowed the record to hit millions of streams in a very short amount of time. This consistency gave us the momentum to release more records with using the same formula, with the results being again very positive.

4). Control your ego – notice how I didn’t say ‘remove your ego’. To a certain degree I believe achieving anything worthwhile requires a level of rebellion and ego. But that must be controlled. It’s easy to think that you have it all once you see things starting to fall into place. Time is a healer but also a big revealer (no pun intended). So be grateful, take note of what worked, and calm your ego to allow yourself to see the learn for the future.

I hope this post gives you the motivation to keep focussing on your art, whatever that may be.

I look forward to sharing more lessons & stories and if you want to dive even deeper, feel free to support me by by becoming a Patron on my page where I’ll be talking more about what we did, the process, and more music related updates.

Blessings to you all,


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