The Right to Write: Composition and Ageism

When you’re told you are too old for music commissioners and promoters to take any notice of you, you realise something is very ageist about the music industry. In this video, I talk about a recent conversation I had with a potential music manager and his experience of trying to promote older composers against the tide of interest in the young. If there were ever an example of the importance of Music Patron for the musical life of older composers and the country in general, this is it!

1 thought on “The Right to Write: Composition and Ageism”

  1. Christine Caulfield

    While not comparing myself to you in any way. this is one reason I started writing and performing my own music (apart from my own written music not being very good ;-). So many composition competitions have (or had at that time) a cut-off age. I suspect that those that removed it publicly kept it in private.

    As far as I can see, a lot of the younger composers around these days seem to be heading more for the ‘conceptual’ end of ‘music’ anyway – which seems to mainly a never-ending search for novelties which just isn’t sustainable. Or even really very interesting.

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